Ireland is a country that could be considered as small in its size but can do great things in the globals scale. Ireland has been in participation in the efforts for the humanitarian causes. In the neighboring areas and the places that help could be given, Ireland could be there and will give a help willingly. Ireland has made efforts so that its contribution would be coordinated and one that will be successful. Ireland has been part of the UN peacekeepers by contributing its defense troops.

It is not just a one-time participation but it has been an effort made before. There are already troops from the country who had held positions in the UN peacekeeping force. It just proves that Ireland is true to its mission and goal to help in the worldwide mission. There are also ordinary citizens that volunteer for the needs of those in poverty. It is not just providing them with food but helping them work for their own food. Volunteers come from various [parts of Ireland.

The country also has its extended support to its citizens. Wherever they are as long as they are citizens, they will receive the help and assistance from the country. There is also the act of recognizing Irish people abroad in their achievements. Irish people may be located outside of the country but they are receiving recognition from their home country that is a very good thing. It means something that would not just disappear. Welcome to the land of Ireland.